Evil Nun

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4.2 stars

Find yourself in a creepy school where the evil nun lives. You are unlucky – now you know that the nun is not someone she pretends to be and she will do everything to kill you before you tell her secret to someone else. You found out that the nun actually worships Satan and holds the horrible cult in the school. For that cult, she and other nuns need human victims, so they use students for that aim. It seems like you are the next victim, so try to escape from the school faster than the nun catches and kills you. Find the keys, open the gate, and run away. Remember that your time is limited – there are only five days you have to escape from this hellish place. If you will fail to do that on time, you will surely join the horrible ritual. As a victim, or course. Do your best and hide when the nun is near. You cannot fight, juts run.

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