Ice Scream 4: Rods Factory

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4.6 stars

cIn this part of the game, you will enter his factory in order to find the poor victims and help them escape to freedom. In the process, you will learn a lot about the antagonist himself and his family!

Make your way to the ice cream factory!

The difference between this game and the previous ones is a huge open world that can be freely explored in any sequence. There is no predetermined order of actions, you can wander around the building as you like, looking into various workshops and rooms, finding secret passages and seeing where they lead. Colorful graphics and atmospheric soundtrack will help create the right mood. Your journey will be very dangerous, because to protect such an important strategic object, the ice cream man cloned an entire army of his small copies. They will be patrolling the area, so you need to be extremely careful. At the locations, there will also be all kinds of puzzles waiting for you that must be solved in order to go further. And of course, the clever traps you need to avoid. Can you cope with all the difficulties? There is only one way to check it out – start playing and enjoying the process!

Find and save the children!

The main goal of your unexpected visit is to find and rescue the unfortunate children locked up somewhere in the factory. After all, you saw with your own eyes what the ice cream man does with his victims. Of course, you are risking your own life, because at any moment you can be seized by his henchmen and then you will turn into an ice chip stored in his refrigerator. But otherwise it wouldn’t be a horror game from which a chill runs down your back! Everything that happens is not so scary, but the tension will grow with each minute. It takes a lot of composure to beat this game!

To further diversify the gameplay, the developers have added interesting details from the past of the ice cream maker, which you can find out by collecting facts about him at the location. After all, it is always curious to understand how the life of some fierce maniac went before he started killing people and what led to such an unusual and bloody hobby! In general, Ice Cream 4: Rods Factory has a huge number of surprises and surprises in store for you. Start playing it right now and see if you can cope with the evil ice cream maker!

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