Ice Scream 6 Friends

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5 stars

If you played Ice Cream horror series, you know that a group of friends has been captured by Rod. He pretends to be a friendly ice maker, but this activity is just a cover that protects his terrible crimes. The antagonist runs a factory where he lures innocent children and freezes them forever. In previous episode, Jay and Mike could escape from the places they were locked in. But two more friends are still in danger. And now, the task is to find where the monster keeps other boys and rescue them. This part comes with an interesting feature – the player can play for both Charlie and Jay in turn. This possibility expands the user’s capabilities, enabling them to study more locations of the scary factory. But, at the same time, the walkthrough becomes extremely dangerous as new antagonists are introduced to the plot.

Charlie has to get out of the kitchen but it is now being controlled by a superbot. It will be more than thrilling to outperform this new enemy and leave this location. Moreover, there are several mini-Rods running across the factory and looking for you. Once they see any of the friends, they will immediately report to their boss about this finding and you will be captured by the ice-cream maker. And do not rely purely on your luck. If you really want to progress, you must solve lots of puzzles and complete other tasks and trials. Unfortunately, if you take it easy, the ending will not be in your favor. There are four bad endings possible for too many mistakes. Do your best to move around without being noticed by the antagonists. Only the bravest and the smartest players will manage to leave this terrible place forever. Good luck in this thrilling adventure!

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