Ice Scream 7

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Have you already heard the story about a scary ice-maker? Unfortunately, this is not a fiction story, and terrible Rod has already managed to kidnap several kids. He brought them to his factory and locked them in different places. Two guys have managed to escape from their places and now need to find and rescue the other friends before it is too late. But where are the rest hostages are kept? The heroes need to explore the huge territory of the ice cream factory to find the other kids. It is going to be a real challenge as the monster does not act alone. He has lots of assistants in his factory who work as his eyes and hands. The friends need to develop a survival plan if they want to remain alive.

There are multiple puzzles and riddles to solve if they want to find a solution. To do this, study every corner of the huge building, find many useful items and use them as quickly as possible until the ice cream maker himself finds out his plans. After all, there will not be a second attempt and all the efforts of the guys can end very tragically if you make too many mistakes. You need to be very determined and brave to walk through a place full of enemies. Besides, you must be really inventive to trick them around. But the best strategy is to act as inconspicuously as you can, without attracting the attention of the monsters. Find your friends, free them up and look for an exit! You have to use all the power of your brain to put an end to this nightmare!

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