Ice Scream Barbie Mod

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What can make a creepy game even creepier? Well, we know something that works… and you will be surprised! When something extreme and terrifying is combined with something “cute” and “pink”, the effect might be really striking. This is how this mode of the game works – here you will see how glamorous girlish Barbie style can be applied to a gloomy and strange atmosphere of a strange horror title about a maniac who hides under the mask of a cheerful ice cream seller. As you may already know from the original version of the game, this title tells a story of two kids, who are in a great trouble. They were playing in a park and heard the sound of an ice cream van. Like all other children, they really like sweet things, so guys decided to get some ice cream and make a hot summer day a bit more pleasant.
However, the nightmarish horror happened to them – the ice cream guy turned to be a kidnapper and a maniac, so he dragged one of the boys inside of the car. You will play for the second character and the only one who have seen the crime. As the only witness, you will have to other option but to enter the vehicle, step in the darkness and horror, to find your buddy and save him from a creepy death. In the Barbie mode, you will have to deal with an ice cream guy wearing a pink dress and having is van decorated in a glamourous style. Everything looks toy-like and extremely disgusting here because of the pink colors and shiny things all around. Such a madness gives the game another layer, a more horrifying one, so you will surely get a new experience when playing it. We bet that you will get scared a thousand times more! Try now because this is one of the weirdest things you have ever seen in games. The combination chosen by the game developers is striking and it is not the same as you know it from the original part. So while you are waiting for a new chapter of the official release, you are welcome to test your nerves and immerse yourself in a brand new and creepy atmosphere of a combination offered here. Dolly ice cream seller is even more aggressive and spooky than you know him. The game is available for free, so enjoy it!

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