Ice Scream Horror 2020

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4.6 stars

You never know where the danger is waiting for you. Sometimes, even an innocent walk in the park where you hang out with friends and buy yourself a cone of sweet ice cream can turn into a nightmare. This is exactly what happens to the main characters of this game. The title is famous for having a strange and creepy, still funny, atmosphere. As you can see from it, plots when you suddenly discover than someone potentially kind turns to be a monster are still popular and they do work. Here you will meet a violent ice cream seller, who has always been a symbol of joy, childhood, and fun. This time, you will see and realize once again that the cheerful appearance can be tricky and untrue. Well, already know that, but get scared and surprised when something like this happens in the reality.
Everything starts when you and your buddy, a boy from the neighborhood, hang out on the street and then decide to gladden yourself with some ice cream. Lucky you are, the seller on his cute van is already here and fresh delicious ice cream is almost in your hands. However, everything turns out really badly – your friend disappears and you suddenly realize that he has been captured by the seller. Not just captured, but also violently frozen and taken to the darkness of the van. You don’t have a better idea than getting inside of the van and trying to help. Of course, in the real world you would rather do something more efficient, like calling your parents or even police. But this way, no horror game could appear, right? So you are inside of the truck and your mission now is to rescue your buddy, all alone. The game is played from the perspective of first person and you see everything with your own eyes. The task is to enter the van and solve the puzzles that will appear situationally. You need to be careful and quiet to avoid meeting the seller of the ice cream – if he sees and catches you, then your attempts to save your buddy will fail. Actually, you will also become the one who needs to be saved.
The game is labeled as a horror one, but actually it is not so frightening. There are jumpscares here and the scariest thing might be a mysterious atmosphere. You and a strange maniac stuck in the ice cream van, all dark and gloomy. Your friend is captured and you have no idea if he is alive of already dead. And what if you will become the next victim? Oh, you do have all chances. Also, there might be other kids, previous victims, hidden somewhere in a truck. Will you manage to save them all? The puzzles provided by the game are pretty complicated and we are sure that you will have to think for a while until you crack them. What is more, the level of difficulty rises while you move further, so solving the issues all the time will be challenging enough.

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