Ice Scream Horror 2020

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Here we go, the new year is always connected with new games. You wait for them for a long time and then – boom! They are already in free online access. And the best way to receive this privileged access to your favorite titles surely is our platform. As you already know, we find and upload the newest and most popular games to our resource and you are welcome to enjoy free unlimited free access to your most favorite entertainments right here. We have a surprise for you – this is the newest game from the Ice Cream Horror series and we bet that you will enjoy seeing and struggling with the maniac ice cream guy one more time.
So you must remember the previous parts of the title. You were playing for a kid in a real trouble. He didn’t do anything to appear in such a situation. He and his pall were just playing around and decided to get some ice cream. However, the unpredictable problem occurred – the ice cream seller turned to be a really evil person, he attacked your friend and captured him. Frozen and unconscious, your pall appeared in the van and the seller hidden him somewhere inside. Now you are on your way to save him, but the road will not be easy. There is no way you can rescue your buddy unless you will solve the puzzles presented by the game. The puzzles are more than tricky and level after level, they become more difficult. The same happens to the parts of the game – each new chapter seems to be more and more advanced than the previous. But it’s okay, you already are an experienced player, so we are assured that you will deal with all the challenges without a hitch.
Again, you will find yourself inside of the van, horrifying and dark, where the ice cream guy is. He can hear you wherever you are, so when making steps, you should be careful – don’t drop anything and try not to make noises. When you do, the seller hears you and tries to catch you. Remember that even the slightest sound will attract his unwanted attention, so whenever you are in a trouble, make sure to hurry up and hide somewhere he cannot see you. This is the only way to survive and continue your rescue mission.

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