Ice Scream Horror 3

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4 stars

Have you been waiting for the next chapter of Ice Cream Horror? Sure, you were! And finally, this is happening – you are welcome to enjoy a free access to the exclusive part of the game, where the creepy ice cream guy comes back to the town. He is a person who never evokes any suspicions – he is smiling, laughing, and talking to the kids in a very friendly manner. Nobody can say that this person is dangerous, nobody can blame him in anything. However, the reality is unpredictable and this ice cream seller represents the idea of your neighbor or person next door, who turns to be someone else, not the one you thought he is. This plot twist is the main concept of each part of this title and you will immerse yourself in such an adventure one more time. Have fun and don’t you get too frightened!
As you may remember from the first parts of the game, the story is pretty straightforward. You and your pall hang out on a sunny hot day, but at some moment you see the ice cream van and decide that this is just a perfect time to have something sweet and cold. You get closer to the van, look at the offered types of ice cream, choose the one that you like and… suddenly you realize that your friend has disappeared. The next moment you see him being trapped inside of the piece of ice and dragged inside of the van. The ice cream seller got him and there is nobody else here to help him but you. The third part of the title will bring you new challenges to handle. There are new puzzles you need to resolve, the location is now wider and creepier, and the ice cream seller is even more violent, fast, and sensitive to your moves and sounds you accidentally make. The third part will present new features, additional levels, and new ways to deal with the seller, so enter it right now and let the scary adventure go on.

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