Ice Scream Horror Episode 2

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The creepy and strange ice cream seller is back in the town. This is the second part of your adventures and struggle against the pure evil he represents. Will you handle a challenge like this? Hopefully, you will! Because the life of your best friend heavily depends on the results you will show. So what is happening now? As you may remember from the first part, you were unlucky enough to meet a strange maniac dressed in the clothes of an ice cream seller in episode 2. He was nice to you and you couldn’t even think that this smiling fellow can be anyhow dangerous. Still, he was and he kidnapped your chubby friend. You have seen that all! Now your duty is to enter the van and get him out if you can. You have also seen that the seller used a strange tool for freezing and your buddy turned into a piece of ice, so you cannot say for sure if he is dead or alive. Well, there is nothing you can do – the creepiest adventure in your life begins now and you are already making a step inside of the darkness.
This strange guy has already been to your town, so you he is more than familiar to you. He is called Rod and there are two passions in his life – making ice cream for kids and kidnapping them in an extremely violent manner. His evil plans are even more evil than they ever were and you are here to finally stop this madness. A little kid against the pure evil – this is how much challenging this event is. However, we bet that you can solve all the puzzles offered by the game and do everything to save your buddy. If there are more frozen kids in the van, you will have to rescue them as well. Somehow. And the main task is to survive yourself, because you are the only witness of the crime and if you will fail to save the children, well, the most tragic destiny is waiting for them. We bet that you don’t want people to see your and your buddy’s faces on the pack of cornflakes or milk!
When entering the hellish van owned by a maniac ice cream guy, you need to be careful and silent. He is always somewhere near you… and at the moment he sees and catches you, the mission can be considered as failed. This is the worst scenario that can happen, because you will die and your friend won’t be rescued ever. The process is built on the puzzle-solving. So the further you move inside of the van, the more complicate puzzles you will have to deal with. Hide when you feel that the seller is moving too close and do your best to avoid his paws. The game is creepy and complicated because you have to work on the puzzles when the danger is breathing in your back and you have all chances to die and fail the mission every next moment.

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