Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood

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You never knew that your peaceful walk in the park where the bell of the ice cream van is ringing will become such a nightmare. Together with your neighbor, you wanted to buy some ice cream and have fun, but everything turned in the creepiest possible way. Once you have turned your eyes away, the next second you saw the ice cream seller dragging your buddy inside of the car. However, he was not screaming or resisting anyhow – he couldn’t. The van owner used some kind of supernatural powers to freeze him and now your buddy looks like a piece of ice. That’s not very inspiring and you realize that something really strange and horrible is happening right now. So you enter this vehicle and start you most dangerous journey ever. You don’t know how this is going to end, but being a courageous and carrying friend, you believe that saving your buddy is something like a duty you need to fulfill.
To save the frozen kid, you will have to go through numerous challenges. From the first glance, the van looks like an ordinary car, but when you enter this hellish place, you realize that the inner space is much bigger than you have predicted. It is nearly endless! There are puzzles you have to solve on your way to the friend. You cannot move any further before you deal with this or that task, so get ready to turn your brain on and do the impossible in such dangerous conditions. You might say that it is hard to focus on puzzles when a crazy maniac is running after you and when your friend might be already dead. However, there is no other way to get him out and stay alive yourself. Solve puzzles and make sure to run away and hide when the owner of the van moves close to you. He will gladly add you to the collection of his victims.
The ice cream seller is very attentive and has pretty sensitive ears – he can hear you moving inside of the van. Time after time, he will try to capture you, but there is a deal of places you can use as shelters, so run away and hide when he is somewhere near you. There are numerous secrets and puzzles you will unravel, but there is also a plenty of adrenaline-boosting action. Also, you can try three different regimes of the game that are more and less complicated: ghost (easy), normal, and hard. Try completing the game in all of these mods – they feel pretty differently.

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