Ice Scream Horror vs Granny

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When the maniacs collide, you shouldn’t expect any good. Both Granny and Ice Cream Horror protagonist are strange and creepy fellows. They like kidnapping kids and keeping the inside of their house or ice cream van. When playing Granny or Ice Cream horror, you find yourself on the territory of the enemy. Both titles bring you in a pretty pitiful condition of the victim – you don’t have any weapons and cannot fight the protagonist. In both cases, they are creepy and you would rather hit them with something heavy or make a precise headshot, but you cannot. Instead, you have to solve their hellish puzzles and try to keep yourself safe from their claws and paws. Both Granny and ice cream seller are crazy and skillful – they can hear everything and feel your presence wherever you are.
When meeting in one game, these two monsters can show everything they have. However, it is not very clear, which one is more powerful and tricky! Granny is fast – she can run like a lightning, appearing in one place that is pretty distant in a second. So when fighting someone, she would definitely use this supernatural ability. Doing so, Granny would avoid strikes and make her own hits unpredictable. On the other hand, the ice cream guy has a cool weapon – this is some kind of a freezer. In the original game, the guy uses this freezer to turn children into the pieces of ice. When appearing on one battlefield with Granny, he would definitely use it, making her less speedy than she is. So both have something to present, while the outcome of a potential battle will stay unknown until you will enter this game and try it yourself! This one is a unique crossover and you won’t find it anywhere else. We have prepared this entertainment for our visitors and you are welcome to enjoy it absolutely for free. Try now – we bet that if you are a real horror fan, you will play it with pleasure and will come back for more. Don’t forget to check other parts and versions of Ice Cream Horror on this site.

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