Monster School: Ice Scream Horror

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Guys from the Monster School are monsters, as you know. Well, because this is a special institution where strange students are getting strange education. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, and other creatures sit at the desks here, visit the classroom every single day, and teacher gives unusual assignments to them. Sometimes, they have to visit the graveyard late at night, the other lessons are held in the parallel universes and other dimensions. In a word, the life of Monster School students is never boring, but today it becomes even more exciting. And strange, of course! Because this time you have a chance to check a great crossover – Monster School and Ice Cream Horror. What happens when spooky characters from different titles appear in one game? It is never possible to predict, but you can see everything with your own eyes and what is ever greater – you have a chance to participate in this story, influencing the outcome of the struggle.
This time, pupils of the School are going to meet the ice cream seller, a maniac guy from a van that rides around the towns and cities, inviting youngsters to buy some cold and sweet treatment. However, the friendly appearance and cute smile are the mask he is wearing to make youngsters calm about buying ice cream from him. Nobody can suspect him being another person, not the one he is trying to show. Deep inside his dark soul, he is a criminal that kidnaps people right from the street, freezes them with his inhumane powers, and keeps them locked inside. What does he do later? We have no idea, but considering everything else, he cannot be a friendly guy, so chances are that his victims die in pain. In this game, the seller will collide with the real monsters and we will see how he can handle this! He is a monster himself, but the one in a human body. What will happen when the blocky demons will meet the ice cream seller? Will this guy trick the monsters? Will they believe that he is friendly and won’t do them any harm? A great adventure is waiting for you, so enter the game and see how the story will unwrap itself. Good luck in the world of monsters!

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